Monday, April 21, 2014

April 21-25

This week is a busy week for us! The students will be presenting their Civil War research projects. I'm excited to see what additional information they have discovered. Presentations will take place in class Monday-Thursday. I shared the schedule with the students as a google doc. On Friday we will have a big unit test covering all of the Civil War. A study guide will be given to the students on Monday, and they need to study using this or the flashcards below. On Tuesday, we will have a notebook check.

Monday 4/21: Civil War Presentations + Study Guide
Tuesday 4/22: Civil War Presentations + Notebook Check
Wednesday 4/23: Civil War Presentations
Thursday 4/24: Civil War Presentations
Friday 4/25: CIVIL WAR TEST

Monday 4/21: Be ready for NOTEBOOK CHECK tomorrow + STUDY GUIDE
Tuesday 4/22: STUDY
Wednesday 4/23: STUDY
Thursday 4/24: STUDY
Friday 4/25: TEST DAY * No Homework