Monday, June 9, 2014

Last Week: June 9-June 11

This week we will be taking an in class final. The students will be writing a letter home from the point of view of an immigrant to a relative in the "old country."
I have really enjoyed my year! The students have learned a lot and I am proud to say that all my students passed the Citizenship Test! Go out from here and be productive citizens, find your passion, and make the world a better place! Congratulations to you all!
Mrs. Holden

Monday: Finals periods 1-3, 8th graders get yearbooks and have promotion practice. Dismissal is at 1:18
Tuesday: Finals periods 4-6. Dismissal is at 12:04
Wednesday: Class periods 1-4, EAGLES CUP-Go ORANGE CRUSH!!, Promotion students here at 1:30